To many years of our lives, we have watched friends and family throw away their hard earned money.
Literally burning hundreds of dollars a month for nothing more than an addiction to todays high end consumer electronics.

Today we offer change.
We have created a high powered reliable self charging Universal Battery Bank.

Introducing the Solar-Flare,
The future of Maintainable Universal Battery Solutions.
It features:
4x 18650 L-ion batteries slots,
1x Micro USB Regulated 2amp Fast Charger,
1x Regulated 2amp USB Discharger (For charging your mobile devices),
1x Qi Wireless Charging System (Same Technology as Samsung Phones),
1x High Output Solar Charger (to keep you charged while on the go in the sun).

We currently offer 9 color variations, as well as custom Embossing.
The Solar-Flare ships in 2 basic models:
Adjustable Analogue Regulated & Unregulated Universal Battery Banks.
Unregulated the Solar-Flare is made for 4x 30amp EFEST 18650s @ 500 watts @0.14Ohm.
The regulated mods will be capped @ 400 watts or 45amp discharge.