Automotive Electronics

We offer full service custom electronics installation

When you want your car to be show quality, only count on professionals to get the job done right.

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Head Units

Only Pros Solder and shrink tube all wiring and harnesses. Make sure every detail is custom fit. Only use the highest grade built to order mounting brackets, not plastic installation kits. Fine tune every aspect of your audio setting for maximum clarity and performance.

Leave onlookers thinking your custom system was built to order from the factory stock.


Installation Labor fee*

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Sub Systems

Pros know that power leads should be ran along the frame of your car, inside protective housing. Pulled through the body in insulated boots in protective housing. Never through door jams or firewalls. Only Pros know how to wire Subs properly with heavy gauge wire and soldered leads to both the terminals and Amp outputs. Only a true audio Pro will ever build your system around Ohm requirements of your hardware.

Don't risk a fire hazard and risk damaging your top dollar equipment. Only trust a Pro with your Sub System.


Installation Labor Fee*

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Custom Lighting

Pro quality installation means:

  • No wires shown
  • Factory look and feel
  • High quality wiring
  • Soldered & Fused Connections
  • Options only an In-house LED fabrication center can offer

Don't trust your lighting to just anyone. Make sure a qualified Pro makes your dream ride look and feel like the dream you envisioned.

$ Labor Varies by Order $

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*Most Makes & Models