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Estimates / OBD Diagnostics


Due to high demand of our expert and quality workmanship.



Labor Cost Of Replacing Starter on Most Automobiles (Some Models Require Additional Labor)



Labor Of Replacing Alternators (Most Models)

Struts / Shocks


Labor Cost Of Replacing

1 Strut or 1 Shock

Front Brakes


Labor Of Replacing Front Disk Brake Pads

Rear Brakes (Disk)


Labor Of Replacing Rear Brake Pads

Rear Brakes (Drum)


Labor Of Replacing Rear Drum Brake Shoes

Rear Rotors


Labor Of Replacing 1 Brake Rotor in addition to cost of Brake Pad Change, While Doing Brake Pad Change.

Oil Change


Oil Change Labor



Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap, Button Replacement Labor On Most Models (Some Require Additional Labor)

Full Tune-Up


Tune-Up + Oil Change Labor (Most Models)



To Replace Your Radiator Labor (Most Models)

~Labor All Other Repairs Not Listed~

$150.00 Labor Cost Per Book Hour Of Work

~On-Site / Emergency Service~

Starter went out at the store? Broke down and need help after hours? We can help!

For a simple $100 Emergency Service Supplement*

We come to you! Day or Night!

~We Offer Fleet Discounts~

~Ask About Our Multi-Vehicle Discounts~

*Excluding holidaysHolidays are subject to double time rates