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~3D Engineering~

When it comes to the future of Business Design, Drafting, Prototyping, and Printing. You need to look no further than our great staff here at Centsless Creations.

We do it all.

From just an idea in your mind, through the design process, to a functional prototype.

3D Design/Modeling

3D Drafting/Rendering

3D Prototyping

3D Printing

We offer a wide range of Business Services. With 3D printing, nothing is impossible.

From Prototyping to Custom Toolings.

We can make it happen for you with great affordable rates.


We offer a wide range of Automotive Services,

From Maintenance to Customs and everything in between.



We can no longer offer free estimates due to high demand of our expert and quality workmanship.

We charge a simple $20 "Look at this" fee, and that fee will be taken off the total bill if service is contracted through us.



Labor Cost Of Replacing 1 Strut



Labor Cost Of Replacing Starter on Most Automobiles (Some Models Require Additional Labor)

Front Brakes


Labor Of Replacing Front Disk Brake Pads

Rear Brakes (Drum)


Labor Of Replacing Rear Drum Brake Shoes

Rear Brakes (Disk)


Labor Of Replacing Rear Brake Pads



Labor Of Replacing Alternators (Most Models)

Oil Change


Oil Change Labor



Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap, Button Replacement Labor On Most Models (Some Require Additional Labor)

Full Tune-Up


Tune-Up + Oil Change Labor (Most Models)

Labor All Other Repairs


Labor Cost Per Hour Of Work


Our Electronics are second to none.

We offer a full line of Custom Electronics,

Custom Battery Banks, Vaporizers, Radios, Bluetooth Accessories,

Computers Systems, Lighting Systems, Stereo Systems, Ext.

Battery Banks

Solar Charging Vaporizers

RV Conversions

Custom 3D Printers

Text/SMS 269-262-2642