Defend Your Family

Introducing our Home Defense 3D Printers

Are you feeling threatened, Intimidated, Victimized? Like your life or your families may be in danger while gun control laws victimize your family while allowing criminals to run free?

Tired of being denied your RIGHT to defend your family and feeling helpless and scared in your own home?

Well say goodbye to being at the mercy of a tyrannical establishment. Expensive home protection companies and "gun shops" just want your money for protection devices you can LEGALLY make yourself for home protection. All from the comfort and safety of your home.

Say hello to your own private home protection system. Inspired by 20% laws, you build 100% at a fraction of the cost!

We offer a wide selection of affordable manufactures of 3D Printer hardware. Only the best and most reliable printers are offered by our team of Tech Support Engineers. From budget Defense builds to Golden Named Brands of ultra shiny builds.

All of the Defense Packages we offer include Pre-loaded on the printers SD card a library of Defense options from all the greatest 3D Defense Designers. Pre-Sliced and ready to print defense options at your fingertips in 4 easy steps:

#1 Load material

#2 Select Defense file from pre-loaded options

#3 Print Desired Defense Parts

#4 Assemble

Surveillance Made Affordable

Weatherproof w/ Nightvision

Mobile Self Monitoring

Affordable 8-Eye DVRs

At Centsless Creations, our goal is to give you V.I.P. protection at Working Persons pricing. We create simple to use packages, specializing in self install by everyday people. Whether you want something inexpensive, Professional, or want to have militia grade compound control, Centsless Creations has just what you need.

We believe that you work hard for every cent you earn. This is why we offer a fair pricing on all of our services. Experience sales and install staff that work to save your money, not waste it.