No B.S. Fabrication

We Save You Money By Skipping The Circle Jerk

Tired of Fabrication Shops, Engineering Groups, Design Studios, & Manufacturers over priced Hype?

We hate having our time wasted and wont waste yours with useless chatter.

We prefer Finding Action through Simple Texts or "FAST" Service for short.

How "FAST" Service works:

Step #1- You Send us a text including; What youd like to accomplish (IE: What youd like Designed, 3D Modeled, Fabricated, Welded, or Manufactured)

Step #2- We send back Detailed information on how to make your goal a reality as well as a rough expense quote.

Step #3- If we agree on the purposed "FAST" plan, then we schedule an appropriate appointment.

BAM! Done! Youre on your way to the no B.S. "FAST" Service you were looking for without the Hassle, Run Around, or "Maybes" of our competitors'.

We offer a wide selection of Affordable Manufacturing Services

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  • 3D Design

  • 3D Printing

  • Drafting

  • Web Design

  • Website Creation

  • Metal Pressing

  • Metal Stamping

  • Metal Cutting

  • Metal Forming

  • Mig & Arc Welding

  • Prototyping

  • Engineering

  • Electrical

  • Fabrication

  • Assembly

  • Carpentry

  • Mason

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Construction

Give Us A Text (or Call*) Today!

YES!! We Do That!

  • Vehicle Design

  • Motorbike Fabrication

  • ATV Fabrication

  • All Wheel Drive Systems

  • Building Construction

  • Home & Automotive Fuse Panels

  • Custom Home & Automotive Entertainment Systems

  • UTV Fabrication

  • Drive Shaft Systems

  • Chain Drives

  • Painting

  • Concrete

  • Home & Automotive Relay Systems

  • High Performance Subwoofer Enclosures & Speaker/Amp Packages

  • Braking Systems

  • Frames

  • Roll Cages

  • Pleasure Craft Maintenance

  • Home Maintenance

  • Home & Automotive LED Lighting

  • Custom Automotive Body, Suspension, & Interior Fabrications

  • Electrical Systems

  • Wiring Harnesses

  • Electrical Control Circuits

  • Engine Building & Rebuilding

  • Industrial Maintenance

  • End2End Solar Power Systems

  • CAT, Lift, Press, Punch, or Lift Truck Hydraulic or Pneumatic Systems

List of products offered is not a Set-In-Stone itemization of all we do. There is simply far to much to list, but we try.*Calling or Contact by Email is not "FAST" as calls take up valuable working time. All calls and Emails will be gone over and responded to at our technicians earliest convenience. Thank You for your understanding