List of Services Offered & Billing Rates

Services listed are for Members only, we do not conduct business with the public nor any state or federal government.

3D Printers & Accessories

Beginner Grade Starter Kit | $400

Hobbyist Grade Defense Kit | $700

Professional Grade Defense Kit | $1000

All Kits listed are quality hand picked products offered by leading vendors. 

Automotive Maintenance & Repair

Estimates | $25+ 

Alternators | $250+

Battery Replacement | $100+

Battery Terminal Replacement | $100+

Ball Joints | $200+

Brake Pads/Shoes | $100+/$200+

Brake Hardware | $100+

CV Axle Replacement | $250+

Oil Change | $75+

Shocks/Struts | $200+

Starters | $250+

Tie-rod Ends | $150+

Towing | $100+ <- No Longer Avalible Due To The Corruption Of St. Joseph County, the South Bend Police, and the Office of James Muller.

All Services listed are the only automotive services we provide.

Prices are only for the labor service, not for the cost of parts involved in the repair of your vehicle.  

Custom Electronics

We offer a mind blowing selection of custom electronics. From Solar Powered Battery Banks, to custom wireless Raspberry Pi's. If you dream it, we can find a way to make it happen. Michiana has been our proving grounds since 1998. Our Vehicle Lighting has drawn crowds before it was mainstream. We have installed computers in cars when they where still carbureted. When we say "been there done that" we mean it. 

Our rates are design based. Contact us for a quote today. Frequently requested installs are listed below.

Automotive Head Unit Install | $150

Automotive Subwoofer Basic Install | $300

Automotive Subwoofer Professional Install | $600+ 

All Other Electronics Engineering | $85 Per Work Hour

Price is for labor and non-hardware supplies only. We custom make 100% of our wiring harnesses in house. Everything is soldered and heat wrapped. Trust us, it's worth it. 

Home Repairs

Fuse Panel Replacement | $200+

Water Heater Replacement | $150+

Emergency Water Main Shutoff | $50+

Power Main Disconnect/Reconnect | $100+

All Services listed are the only residential services we provide. 

Prices are only for the labor service, not for the cost of parts involved in the repair of your property. 

Industrial Maintenance, Engineering, & Fabrication

"Tare-downs" | $175 Per Work Hour

Vehicle Frame Fabrication | $150 Per Work Hour

General Fabrication | $155 Per Work Hour

Just Welding Service | $150 Per Work Hour

Roll Cage Fabrication | $175 Per Work Hour

Vehicle Wiring Harness Fabrication | $185 Per Work Hour

Wiring Repair | $165 Per Work Hour

ATVs, Moto, Mower & Industrial Maintenance

We Service ALL 

Pleasurecraft (Moto, ATV, UTV, Side-by-Side, SlingShot, Scooter, Moped, Motorcycle, SkiDoo, Etc)

Industrial Zero Turn Mowers, Home Lawn Riding Mowers, Industrial Combines

Commercial Equipment (Washers, Spreaders, Cutters, Cranes, and things that go bing, bang, and boom)

$150 Per Work Hour

2D/3D Design & Printing Services

3D Drafting/Modeling/Blue Printing | $250 Per Work Hour

3D Printing Services  | $2.50 Per G/Material + $50 Per 60Min/Actual Print Time

Engine Building

Small Block Chevy Performance Rebuilds | $1750 Engine-Out or $5500 Engine-In

Small Engine Removal / Installation | $300 In/Out

Engine Removal/Installation | $750 In/Out

Racing Scooters (Moped Mods)

50cc to 125cc GY6 Racing Engine Rebuilds | $850 

GY6 Scooter Racing Drive Train Upgrades | $350 with Engine Rebuild or $1000 w/o Engine Rebuild

Prices Include Parts 

From Start To Finish, We Get The Job Done FAST

Most Services Are Completed Same Day! We Pride Ourselves in making our companion look "retarded", Because compare to our autistic asses, they are!