About Us

The Centsless Creations Experience

"Make Every Cent Count"

Since 1998 we have worked, learned, and grown. We started from nothing, with nothing and fought from the bottom to be equals with the top. We know first hand what it is to have nothing, to feel alone and helpless when really needing the help the most. We have struggled to get where we are and only have those who we have helped to thank for what we are today.

Keeping your life moving forward.

Keeping your car moving, to fixing your everyday scooter we have your automotive needs covered. We have been designing, fabricating and enjoying vehicles since the beginning. We offer affordable rates, discounts for bulk repairs and we ALWAYS put our customers first. We treat you like we are working on our own vehicles. We dont recommend things you dont ACTUALLY need. You work to hard to have your money wasted on false repair work and we see far to often Big Named Shops ripping our now loyal customers off.

Keeping your home safe and comforting.

Emergency home repairs are simply a basic service we provide. Security and safety measures are our true passion. As victims of illegal police action, we learned the hard way about the NEED for home security. If a police officer were to illegally force their way into your home right now and beat you senseless for no reason, then claim you're a criminal, what security do you have to prove your victimization? It is your word against the Establishment. You dont want to be where we were in 2014, when we found out that "We The People" have no rights if we live in poor areas.

Helping you protect your rights and family.

Introducing our "Defense Packages", a revolutionary new idea that your 3D printer should come with all of the defense options available to them online. Well, we have made it easy for any home to defend itself. We have taken the best affordable printers, sourced all of the printable defense item from top suppliers such as DEFCAD and installed them on a convenient SD Card for your personal defense needs.