Service that keeps you coming back

I've been coming here for years and Centsless Creations is the best! I've never had a more consistent or higher quality mechanic. When B****T*** made my car unsafe to drive, they had my back from the get go.

When I went to have my front end inspected from violent shaking at high speed, C.C. found my tie-rod installed with no retaining nuts. They explained how my vehicle was unsafe to drive and that they couldn't allow me to drive away unrepaired.

When I explained that my tie-rod was suppose to be replaced by B****T*** before going out of town to Riley Children Hospital for my child's treatments, they took care of the problem for me.

They called B****T*** and not only forced them to send a tow truck to pick up my car, but also to repair the whole steering system for free.

Thanks so much Centsless Creations!

M. Yandl - South Bend, In.

OMG! I mean...I couldn't believe it! The day I was going through an intersection and BAM! A stolen car ran the Stop Sign and ripped the rear end sideways under the back of my old Ford.

To my luck, Centsless Creations' shop was just off the corner of that intersection, and came running to my aid.

Within an hour, my wheels were facing forward, my frame straightened and finishing touched being applied.

I was back on the road scrapping that day, well within time to meet the yard closing. To my surprise, the repairs not only held wonderfully {7,000lb min loads}, but also smoothed the handling of my old clunker.

That old Ford lasted well past the day I finely retired it, many years later. I will always have all of my Vehicles and Motorcycles serviced by Centsless Creations.

T. Myers - South Bend, In.

I will never forget the day I met the Centsless Creations crew. I was complaining like a banshee about the constant problems with my Fair Lady Z, and the money pit it had become.

This guy happened to notice a Small Block Chevy I had laying around and asked me like its some simple task, "Why dont you just put that in there and be done with the headache?".

In the most ridiculous bet I could have ever blindly walked into, I not only met true genius, but was also humbled by vision beyond my own.

Not only was the 305 SBC in my 87' Nissan 300ZX 2+2, but it was fully dressed for pro street in less than 24 hours.

A masterpiece of a sports car that turned countless heads at car shows and drag meets. Balls to the wall kind of nutty power. WhoooHoooo!

Much Love for Centless Creations!

D. Kilgore - Osceola, In