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400cc Yamaha GY6 UTV

Driveshaft Driven Honda Real Time 4x4, Super Low Gear For MAXIMUM POWER 1:42 Final (35MPH Top Speed), LED Lighting, 2500LB Wireless Controlled Winch, Electric Start & Knob Tires

Super Saiyan Subwoofers

Subwoofers Over 9000!

8000Watts Total Power, 2x Power Acoustik MOFOX-154PROs @ 1 Ohm, Power Acoustik Vertigo VA8000D @ 1 Ohm, 20 Farad Power Compositor, on 8.2 Cubic Feet of 6" Dual Vented Enclosure W/ 1.5" Thick MDF thats been Fiberglass Reinforced and weighs in at over 200lbs Empty! This Baby Blows Away The Competition Hands Down!

LED Vehicle Emblems

Custom Vehicle LED Emblems

Hand Crafted and Made To Order, Any Vehicle and in Any Style! Full RGBW IC Controlled LEDs.

Order Your Custom LED lit Emblem's Today!

Magic Castle USB Charger

Battery Bank

2x USB Charger Ports

300 Hand Soldered RGB LEDS with Bluetooth Controller and remote control

3 main Lighting modes

Hidden Stash Chamber

Optional Water Fountain

77' Hemi Car Hauler

1977 Dodge Super Duty Chassis

7.2L Big Block Hemi (440CI)

Holy Carb & Fresh Upgrade Maintenance

10,000 Wireless Control Winch

LED Lighting

Includes all Chains, Bridal, Equipment

Daddys Lil Monster

Battery Bank

1x USB Charger Ports

300Watts Continuous power output

USB Micro Charger

Upgraded Direct Drive 3d Printers

330*330*400 Print Area

Dual Z axis controllers

Insulated Heated Build Plate

Insulated High Flow Hotend

500C Max Temp Direct Drive

Upgraded Auto Level Sensor

Optional Complete Assembly

Optional Pre-Leveled Build Plate

Solar X

Battery Bank

High Compacity Solar Charger

1x USB Charger Ports


600Watts Continuous power output

USB Micro Charger

Solar Flare

Battery Bank

Solar Charging

1x USB Charger Ports


600Watts Continuous power output

USB Micro Charger

All Art Pieces Are For Sale "As-Is" and "OBO" (Or Best Offer), To Make A Reasonable Offer TEXT Us 24/7 for an Immediate Response