Defend Your Family

Introducing our Home Defense 3D Printers

Are you feeling threatened, Intimidated, Victimized? Like your life or your families may be in danger while gun control laws victimize your family while allowing criminals to run free?

Tired of being denied your RIGHT to defend your family and feeling helpless and scared in your own home?

Well say goodbye to being at the mercy of a tyrannical establishment. Expensive home protection companies and "gun shops" just want your money for protection devices you can LEGALLY make yourself for home protection. All from the comfort and safety of your home.

Say hello to your own private home protection system. Inspired by 20% laws, you build 100% at a fraction of the cost!

We offer a wide selection of affordable manufactures of 3D Printer hardware. Only the best and most reliable printers are offered by our team of Tech Support Engineers. From budget Defense builds to Golden Named Brands of ultra shiny builds.

All of the Defense Packages we offer include Pre-loaded on the printers SD card a library of Defense options from all the greatest 3D Defense Designers. Pre-Sliced and ready to print defense options at your fingertips in 4 easy steps:

#1 Load material

#2 Select Defense file from pre-loaded options

#3 Print Desired Defense Parts

#4 Assemble

Surveillance Made Affordable

Weatherproof w/ Nightvision

Mobile Self Monitoring

Affordable 8-Eye DVRs

At Centsless Creations, our goal is to give you V.I.P. protection at Working Persons pricing. We create simple to use packages, specializing in self install by everyday people. Whether you want something inexpensive, Professional, or want to have militia grade compound control, Centsless Creations has just what you need.

We believe that you work hard for every cent you earn. This is why we offer a fair pricing on all of our services. Experience sales and install staff that work to save your money, not waste it.

2st Amendment Warning Read With Caution

LEGAL: Constitution of United States of America 1789 (rev. 1992) Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Under federal law, no serial numbers are needed on firearms that are built for personal use, making them untraceable by law enforcement. ... The ATF refers to such guns as unfinished receivers, though they're also called 80 percent receivers, home built firearms, or “ghost guns.” And it's all perfectly legal.

All Defense 3D printers are sold as kits which include (1) 3D Printer of various brands (1) 1KG Roll Starter Filament (1) SD Card Pre-loaded with FOSCAD, DEFCAD, & Personal Favorites, user manual, instructional video (1) Welcome kit. Kits may arrive in multiple packages for faster delivery times. The Buyer assumes 1000% of the legal responsibilities involved with the capabilities of their printer. Short and sweet Centsless Creations is at no time responsible for your stupidity, misuse, or use of this product. We are not liable for any actions you take with such product nor are we responsible for any legal actions you get yourself into. Centsless Creations is not your parent and at no time will ever claim to watch, know or want to know what the hell you are doing with your purchase. If you are mentally insane, want to be ironman, or think plastic is indestructible then please dont purchase from us as we are not psychic and apparently the world thinks companies like us are. If you are not 18, 21, or whatever age the establishment feels your "Rights" kick in, then please do not purchase from us, as once again, we are not god and cant tell by the processing of your payment. As we are not selling you a Firearm, Alcohol, or Tobacco, we are not required to check this information anyways. Short end of the stick, dont be stupid, live free or die.

We have a strict "Dont argue with the person you came to for help" policy. If we tell you what's wrong and you argue, we will not fight, we will take your money and fix something not broken, then charge you a second time to fix what we told you to fix in the first place. We like money, and will never argue with you about keeping it in your pocket.

We do not give refunds. We warranty labor, not parts. "I understand you changed your mind and took the part you bought back, but did the part fall off?" "No?" "Dont know what to tell you then". We offer above standards quality work for amazingly low pricing, we do not give refunds on labor. The labor was done was it not?

We charge extra for haggling and "Hustlers". Are pricing is more than fair for the service offered, we dont not appreciate people who think they deserve a better deal than everyone else. We reserve the right to increase labor costs at will for disrespectful parties and hagglers.

We do not play with our money. Dont let our amazing attitudes fool you. Beneath this smiling and extremely helpful face is the heart of a mobster. We have and will claim ownership of a vehicle with an outrageous balance due. With many payment options available, and even payment plans to qualifying persons, we hate cutting up cars for scrap. So before you cop an attitude, ask how we can help you make repairs affordable.

Always remember, we have an attitude to get shit done for you!