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We accept all forms of tradeable commodities except U.S. backed Checks, Money Orders, Bonds, Etc. Any thing from Chase or J.P. Morgan, Etc.
The U.S. Dolor is Worth -$15 each in circulation. That's NEGITIVE FIFTEEN to One for clarity.

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$50 non-refundable application fee

~The Big Bad  Legal Bullshit~
Unlike the other assholes that do this, we are going to be honest as to why. We dont have the mental strength some days to not smack a scammer in the mouth. Due to the current pussy level retardation of our local and federal governments, we require a screening process that allows us to determine real life honest people that genuinely need a helping hand in the long run, over a scamming piece of shit that just wants to risk poking a bear, getting their legs broke, and then crying victim like so many of you Bully-Pussies do. "Bussies?" pronounced Boosees is what we like to call you bully punk ass bitches that turn victim pussy when your plan dont go as you planned. If you read the news, or go to Walmart, than you know they "People" we refer to. Our screening process not only protects our team members from fraud, but also ensures that you understand fully that our staff our special needs even if they seem perfectly "normal" in conversation and appearance. Blunt honesty tends to be a by product of many mental disabilities and as such we need to know your feelings wont get in the way of direct and sometimes blunt communications about your products or ideas. Frankly, if you present a stupid fucking proposal, our tech will probably laugh at you and ask you to update him on how it goes.

We here at Centsless Creations can not stress enough how much we want to ensure a stress free environment for both our techs and our Patron Family Members. So we take these extra precautions to establish that we are a no bullshit facility. Bullshit will simply not be tolerated.

~The Good Shit No One Else Does~
Upon application acceptance, your account will be credited as a welcome to the family.

We offer F.A.S.T. Service During the Following Hours;

Whenever we feel like it,
Most Days that end in Why, Sometime during Hours of a Day,
If Stress levels and Mental Cognitively Permit.

Our Clients Come First regardless of what you think.

100% Of Service Work Is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

We Do NOT Accept Walk-Ins!
We do NOT Accept Unsolicited Calls or Texts!
We Dont Not Give a Fuck About Your Feelings!
We Reserve the Right to tell you to Fuck off and Kick Rocks at Any Time!
If you dont like what we have to say, Go The Fuck Away, It's Your Choice to be Here!

**Hours are subject to change without notice, Owner suffers from Illegal Police Action Induced PTSD, Seizures, TS and Maintains the right to close at any time and refuse service to anyone without reason.
Any and All Trouble makers will be dealt with at the owners discretion,
as South Bend "Authorities" are Corrupt and notifying them of anything is a waste of time and resources as thoroughly documented by CCLLC**

We Offer Emergency 24 Hour Service Including Automotive Repair & Towing*
*Well, we used to anyways... Before our Tow Truck was stolen By South Bend Police and Vic's Towing of South Bend on Video and no one seems to know what happened to any of it, it just vanished into one of Vic's Employees hands most likely.